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ExpertOption Binary Options Review


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More than 400 different binary options are available on the internet, and yet, the ExpertOption broker, one of the latest binary options trading platforms, stands out and is widely recognized as one of the best options trading platforms on the market currently. After years of thorough research, numerous dedicated studies, and tons of priceless experience in the binary options trading industry, this new trading platform was finally established in 2015. ExpertOption has not just gained fame and peculiarity over the last few years – it has done so rapidly and proficiently. ExpertOption is regulated by Russia’s Independent Financial Market Relations Regulations Centre (FMRCC), which is good news for any client who may need compensation or may need to resolve a dispute. The company has its base in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and is solely owned by ExpertOption Ltd.

How Good is ExpertOption?

Getting a credible online binary options trading platform is of an immense importance to any trader who does not want to throw all of his investment into the dust. So be sure to do your homework carefully before deciding which broker will be the best one for you and your money.
It is important to take certain factors into consideration in order to know how good enough a broker is when weighing the options for the best binary options trading broker for you. These factors include the features available on the trading platform, a reliable reputation, the quality customer support services, the withdrawal and deposit methods or the policies used in the platform, as well as for how long they have been operating on the market.
Like any other binary options trading platforms available, ExpertOption has its pros and cons. This ExpertOption review will provide you with the detailed information about these areas in order to help you you make an informed decision on whether or not ExpertOption is the right broker option for you.

ExpertOption Broker Features

Currently, ExpertOption broker has an exclusive in-house website and software that are available in English, German, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, as well as six other languages. The software is specifically designed to have a user-friendly interface that is as simple as it can be; both the new and the old binary options traders will find this software very easy to use. Transactions made within the software are executed promptly, and, the software also provides a number of intuitive analytical and logical tools used within its own platform that enable both the beginners and the experienced binary options traders to carry out the necessary technical analysis required to maximize profits.
The ExpertOption’s website comes with a useful educational and informative section where newcomers in binary options trading can start grasping the fundamentals of the industry. This section is specially designed to give strategic advice, guidance, and analytical information, as well as a helpful and useful glossary of basic terms used in binary options trading.
Another great thing about ExpertOption is that its website and software have been optimized to run on mobile platforms as well; which is good for both the new and experienced traders who are constantly on the move. The ExpertOption application for mobile devices can be downloaded from the Apple and Play stores.
The main trading options such as indices, gold, oil, stocks, and currency pairs are also available through this easy-to-use platform. However, these assets are set to expire anytime between one to five minutes.
Also available is a free ExpertOption Demo that provides traders with virtual money to check out any of the various accounts available on this binary trading platform. The ExpertOption Demo does not need to be downloaded and it allows any prospective customer to have an insight into how ExpertOption functions.
These helpful features make the ExpertOption broker a smart choice for traders who wish to check their assets while they are on the move.

Available Account Types on ExpertOption Trading Platform

ExpertOption offers four unique types of trading accounts. These unique accounts have their distinctive features and it is advisable to go through the different accounts before settling with one. Here is a quick review of the four different accounts that will help you out with your decision:
The Mini Account
The most basic level account offered in Expertoption, the Mini Account, can be opened with a minimum deposit of just $50. With an added advantage of up to a 50% bonus, this account has a maximum deal amount of $20, a maximum of 10 open deals, it also comes with a provision of a personal account manager to manage the account, as well as access to helpful and useful training materials. A trader with this account is also entitled to a weekly economic news analysis letter, as well as one personal trading session. All these packages make the Mini Account a perfect account for a novice in the industry and may be considered the best way to enter into the binary options trading.
The Silver Account
With bonuses reaching up to 75%, the Silver Account can be opened with a minimum deposit of just $250. The services of a personal account manager, who will be helpful if the holder of this account will need clarification or advice on any issue that he or she might have, are also available to traders using this account. A trader with this account is also entitled to a weekly economic analysis, as well as two personal trading sessions. This is also a good account for a newcomer to start with when entering into binary options trading.
The Gold Account
The Gold Account can only be opened with a minimum deposit of $1000. Just like other account types, the services of a personal account manager, who will be helpful if the holder of this account needs clarification or advice on any issue that he or she might have, are also available to traders using this account. A trader with this account is also entitled to a weekly economic analysis, as well as four personal trading sessions. Bonuses here reach up to 100% and the traders with this account enjoy priority when making withdrawals, as well as a free consultation with a binary options trading expert and increased asset profits. With such huge deposit, traders opening this account should be well versed with binary options trading.
The VIP Account
The biggest of them all, the VIP Account, has an astounding bonus rate reaching up to 125%. The VIP Account is exclusively designed for professionals who are without doubt well experienced in binary options trading. With a minimum deposit of $2500, this account tops all the privileges of the Gold Account with a detailed analysis of the trader’s own personal trading history and an individual educational plan; making it a perfect choice for both professionals and experienced traders. A huge catch comes with a high level of risk – anyone who wishes to enjoy the amazing benefits of the VIP account should also be prepared to bear the risk that comes with it and should not invest an amount that they cannot afford to lose. Still, the traders should not be afraid of opening this account. Our review has shown that ExpertOption is a reliable binary options trading options platform and that it can be trusted.

Quality of Customer Service

A binary options trading platform with an unresponsive customer service team is not a good choice for binary options trading for the newbies with little deposits, as well as for the dedicated trades with huge sums of deposit. Traders need to be able to get in touch with the platform they have an account with as often as they want to and whenever the need arises. This also needs to be done as fast as possible. It is therefore only wise to chose a platform that has an excellent customer service.
ExpertOption boasts of one of the best quality customer service teams in the industry and their response time is fast enough to encourage trades to trade on their platform. Clients and traders can easily access these services via e-mail, phone, and even Skype. To top it all off, this binary options trading platform has a helpful FAQ section that is well detailed and where traders and clients can find satisfactory answers to frequently asked questions about binary options trading and their ExpertOption broker. When it comes to the quality of customer service, ExpertoOption definitely got it right.

Available Banking Options

The ExpertOption broker enables traders to use a fair number of popular banking options. Banking and transaction methods, like credit and debit cards such as Mastercard, Maestro, and Visa, are accepted, and other virtual methods of transactions such as UnionPay, Qiwi, Neteller, Skrill, Yandex Money, Bank Wire, and even Webmoney are also supported on this binary options trading platform for making deposits and withdrawals. The minimum withdrawal on this platform, which is one of the lowest you will find in the industry, is placed at $10 from any preferred withdrawal option available and has a minimum trade or investment of $1 per trade. These features make it easier for traders who are new to binary options trading to enter into the market. Deposits and withdrawals are usually free and the withdrawals are processed within two days.


1. ExpertOptions has an effective educational section available to all of its customers. Customers with issues on basic concepts of binary options trading can find beneficial articles to guide them on the ExpertOption broker website. This is one of their strategies to attract more customers.
2. One yardstick used by a lot of traders to find the best binary options trading platform is the payout percentage they offer. Trading with the ExpertOption broker can give up to 91% payout on every winning trade.
3. They have one of the best customer service teams in the industry which is responsive and easy to contact via a number of channels including e+mail, phone, and Skype. There is also a section where useful and detailed answers are provided for frequently asked questions.
4. All of the four different account types available on the ExpertOption broker are entitled to a personal manager and a trading analysis. Any trader using this binary options platform gets within 25% to 125% (depending on the account type) bonus and a 100% of all initial deposits made. The VIP Account with a huge minimum deposit of $2500 offers a wide range of exclusive benefits to holders of this account.
5. The ExpertOption broker boasts of one of the lowest rates of withdrawal and a deposit of just $10. This makes them a smart option for newbies entering into the binary options trading.
6. Their website and software are available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, German and a large number of other languages. This allows major traders who speak these languages to trade with them and thus attract more customers to their platform.


Although it is widely recognized as one of the best binary options, there are a number of setbacks that have been spotted on this platform and those setbacks can potentially ward off traders. ExpertOption needs to improve on these in order to maintain their place or climb even further up the ladder.
1. As it has been already mentioned, one of the most important questions to ask yourself when choosing which binary options trading platform to trade with is how long the trading platform has been in operation? ExpertOption is one of the newbies in the industry. It was established in 2015 and this tends to register a certain off-the-record kind of tension for traders who use this platform or intend to use it. However, if ExpertOption can endure not only the test of time but if it can also maintain or improve its standards, this tension will wither away.
2. A well-established reputation is also essential for binary options trading brokers. This is another setback that is posed by the fact that ExpertOption is still new to the industry.
3. ExpertOption provides a free demo for the different account types that are available on their platform, which is an excellent idea, but the issue with this is that the figures presented in the demo are actually larger than what can be obtained in real life situations. We understand that this may well be because they want to attract more investors to use their platform for binary options trading, but an honest and transparent platform is what most traders and clients, both new and experienced alike, look out for in binary options trading.
4. A more serious flaw has been observed in the ExpertOption’s withdrawal and deposit policies. These policies and guidelines are not well articulated about how transactions, as well as deals with their investments, are carried out. Thus, they do not allow the traders much flexibility when taking trading decisions.


There are some frequently asked questions about the integrity of ExpertOption and how it actually operates. This section provides useful and helpful answers to these questions.
Q. ExpertOption runs on which platform?
A. ExpertOption uses its own exclusive in-house platform that was designed and developed by the company’s developers for the purpose of trading binary options.
Q. How many account types are there on ExpertOption?
A. There are four types of accounts offered by ExpertOption to their customers.
The Mini Account, which is the most basic of them all, can be opened with a minimum deposit of $50 and has a bonus rate of 50%. The Silver Account has a minimum deposit of $250 and offers bonuses up to 100%. The Gold Account has a bonus rate reaching up to 125% and it can be opened with a minimum deposit of $1000. The VIP Account is the largest of the four accounts and is exclusively designed for professionals and well-experienced binary options traders. This account can be opened with a minimum deposit of $2500 and has a good number of unique benefits which match the levels of risk involved with this kind of an account.
Q. What are the available methods of making deposits and withdrawals?
A. There are a lot of available options provided by the ExpertOption broker which any trader may choose to use. Traders who wish to withdraw or deposit with debit or credit cards can do so by using MasterCard, Maestro, or Visa cards. UnionPay, Qiwi, Neteller, Skrill, Yandex Money, Bank wire, and Webmoney are also available to traders who wish to use virtual methods.
Q. How efficient is the ExpertOption’s customer service?
A. The ExpertOption broker boasts of having one of the best customer services in the industry. They are responsive and reliable.
Q. How can one contact the ExpertOption’s customer service?
A. You can always get in touch with their customer service via phone, e-mail, and Skype.
Q. Does the ExpertOption broker have a demo account where prospective customers can check out what they have to offer?
A. There is a well-designed Expertoption Demo that potential customers can use to test the services offered on this broker platform for free. The ExpertOption Demo makes up to $10,000 virtual money available for the customer and they can try out any of the account types available on their platform.
Q. Do I have to download the ExpertOption Demo?
A. The ExpertOption Demo is free of charge and does not require any kind of a download or an installation before use.
Q. What are the available assets offered on ExpertOption for trading?
A. There are about 50 assets classified under four major trading options which are available to clients on this platform. These trading options include indices, commodities (gold and oil), stocks, and currency pairs.
Q. How long does it take for assets to expire?
A. Assets on the ExpertOption broker take a minimum of one minute and a maximum of five minutes to expire.
Q. What is the Rate on Investment (ROI) expected per trade on the ExpertOption platform?
A. ExpertOption gives up to 91% payout on every winning trade secured. For a customer who invests $1000, a winning trade will attract $910 to the customer, and $90 will be charged for a commission by ExpertOption.
Q. Who is the owner of ExpertOption?
A. The company has its base in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and is solely owned by the ExpertOption Ltd.
Q. Is ExpertOption an authorized broker in the industry?
A. ExpertOption has been registered with Russia’s Independent Financial Market Relations Regulations Centre (FMRCC). FMRCC is also responsible for regulating the activities of this broker. The ExpertOption broker’s current license number is TSRF RU 0395 Vv0099.
Q. What are the available bonuses and benefits offered by ExpertOption to its registered customers?
A. Registering with the ExpertOption broker guarantees that you get back 100% of the money you deposited initially plus 25% to 125% bonus added to it depending on the type of the account you have with this broker. A registered customer also enjoys the privilege of a personal manager, the access to educational articles, a trading analysis, etc.
Q. What is the minimum trade amount that is possible on ExpertOption?
A. The lowest trade or investment can be is $1 per trade. The least amount that can be deposited into any of the four account types is $10.
Q. What is the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from an ExpertOption account?
A. ExpertOption allows its current customers to withdraw a minimum of $10 through any of their preferred withdrawal methods.


With their features and proficiency so far, the ExpertOption broker is a great platform to use for trading. This platform offers a lot of great benefits to its customers, such as a personal account manager to manage the account, a responsive customer service team, a useful educational support, the low withdrawal and deposit rates, bonuses, and numerous other attractive benefits. It offers its customers an excellent opportunity to enter into binary options trading in a very secure and reliable way.
Like every other binary options trading platform in the industry, the financial products on ExpertOption have a level of risk and may result in loss of investments and deposits. It is therefore advisable that you get to understand all of the risks involved, as well as that you should not trade with an amount of money that you cannot afford to lose.
In the end, the ExpertOption broker is a good option to consider for both the newcomers and the experienced professionals alike.

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